6 Comments on “Portraits

  1. I love love love your art. Do you do exhibits in Southern Calif.?


  2. Hi Sandra,

    Thankyou! Not yet, but I hope to eventually. Currently just South Lake Tahoe, CA, Estes Park, CO and Durban, South Africa 🙂


  3. Love your work – I saw it in S. Lake Tahoe. I hope you can bring it to the Bay Area. It would thrive!


  4. Your work is fantastic I loved Mnumzane so much I purchased it would love the chance to meet you. publish when you are at your galleries


  5. Experienced, felt ,lived. Loved the realism of life . I stood in front of your work of the “Massai Mother child, the Lion , the Elephant ” in Tahoe this weekend, and my eyes began to tear .
    You are a living Renaissance , no comparison to the old Renaissance Masters, your work is much more detailed , and REAL.
    Thank you for circulating life in me. I look at you work, and all I feel is LOVE.


  6. You first see what appears to be a photograph, and with a mere glance say that’s nice. But.. then realize that it is a painting, and it drops you to your knees, and you are frozen for days , months , years, with the complexity of what appears before your eyes.


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