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Holly Kavonic was born and raised in KZN, South Africa.  From an early age she began to draw and paint, with an enthusiastic drive that persisted and flourished throughout her school years. Following graduation in 2003, Holly travelled for a year and then pursued a career in Graphic Design. 
In 2007, she decided she could make a much larger impact on society through Fine Art and proceeded to dedicate herself to the completion of four particular portrait paintings that would later attract the attention of her future mentor.  In 2008, Louis Bruwer; a well-respected gentleman and patron of the arts in South Africa, contacted Holly while she was living abroad in the United States. Having a deep interest in Holly’s work and with a capacity for great vision, Louis Bruwer was the spark that ignited Holly’s career.
Now residing in South Lake Tahoe, California with her husband and two young daughters, Holly’s work may now be viewed in Pacific Crest Gallery in Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe.

“My goal is the Renaissance- the Rehabilitation … of Beauty, through a great deal of precision and detail. I seek to display the magnificence of beauty and life itself, by combining deliberative inspirational craftsmanship with a studious and meditative approach.

I believe subtle, almost sub-conscious beauty can pervade the most unlikely subject matter – something I see, or rather feel in the weathered stature of an old man, or through the steady gaze of a still and silent wolf….a beauty and nobility in spirit of all living things that surpasses understanding and defies simple explanation. You cannot describe it. You cannot put it down in words. Neither can you say exactly where you might find it. But you know it when you see it, and it is that beauty that I seek to record on canvas. I aim to create art that hooks into something more deep-running in our nature. I hope to bring a more selfless awareness of those around us and to encourage a deep respect for nature and ​an ​absolute awe for God’s creation”